How to Fix Holes in Jeans: Jazzy Style

My daughter is rough on jeans, and really, what kid isn’t? She wears holes in pants so frequently that she usually wears them completely unbothered. (Why yes, grammar nerds, I did make that word up. Thank you: freedom of the … Continue reading

Your Dog Ate Your WHAT?



IMG_2828If I had a dollar for every item I’ve lost to a puppy over the years, well, I’d have enough to buy another puppy! But I won’t…because they’re terrible-and adorable! If I were as passionate about  dog training as I am at sewing, I supposed I’d have fewer mishaps, but in this instance at least, I was able to use my passion for the one to make up for the lack of the other. Yay!

I had just bought this from Aerie, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. No cheap stores carry my size, so I have to wait for sales at places like Victoria’s Secret and Aerie. I was super-dee-duper excited (anyone remember Barney? No? Just Me Then?) when I was at the mall with my husband  getting a softball glove for the league he’s in and Aerie had buy one get one FREE signs up! That’s almost unheard of. I mean, fireworks went of, guys and dolls! So, sure, this one was technically free, but it would cost about $50.00 to replace.

. . .And then my dog ate it.

When my initial upset dissipated, I realized  the cups were still intact and it was actually fairly minor damage, even though the strap had been severed. Several months ago, I may have just thrown it away, but as I’m sewing more and more of my designs, I’m also mending a lot more. That’s partly because I’m getting more confident in my abilities and less intimidated by new types of clothing, and partly because I’m broke now-between staying home with my kids and this darn puppy! IMG_2830-0

How the Puppy left it-Wonk Wonk.


The first thing I did was cut off the jagged, mangled, dog-spitty parts (nobody wants that) to have straight edges to work with.IMG_2833-0I gave it enough overlap so I wouldn’t lose any strength in the strap. IMG_2834-1Using the closest color I had to this light lilac, I sewed the straps together, whip-stitched through the lace, and did a little reinforcing at the back.IMG_2839-0Voila!

IMG_2837-0How to dog-chewless side looks

IMG_2838-0How the repaired side looks.

It’s not beautiful, (although it wouldn’t be very noticeable at all if I had gotten thread that was an exact match) but it saved the bra. From a couple feet away, it’s not really all that visible.

IMG_2836And that, my friends, is how to save a bra!

Easy Button Sewing Tip

IMG_2185My tip for how to sew on a button easily stems from a vast pool of ingenuity I have, which in turn comes mostly from being part of a long line of, well, rednecks. Every male in my family is like a midwestern MacGyver. They can fix anything that breaks, usually using their huge stash of-sometimes superfluous- tools and supplies. (I have one brother who actually uses the term “My Good chainsaw”) But they’re also very good at making a way to solve the problem when they have next to nothing on hand to fix it with. Knowing that, my button sewing trick will probably make a little more sense. My secret? Scotch tape.




I hate getting my buttons in just the right spot and at just the right angle, only to have them slip out of place while I’m sewing. So, out of frustration, I grabbed my tape and figured I’d give it a go. It worked like a charm, and here’s how you do it. Get the button into the correct position and apply a strip of tape over it so it stays in place as you sew. Once it’s on, you can rip the tape off with no ill effect. I hand stitched this button on, but you could use this for machine sewing, as well. I’d just make sure to clean the needle afterward to remove any stuck on adhesive.

I always begin and finish my buttons on the front of the fabric, underneath the button so the knot isn’t exposed on the inside of the garment. I wouldn’t want that against my skin.IMG_2184





How Not to Sew Buttons onto Jeans

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In light of my last several long-winded posts, I’m letting the pictures mostly speak for themselves in this one. Dec. 2014 Group 2 098

I’ve had a bunch of women tell me they iron their skirts while they’re wearing them. That seems more dangerous than this to me, but what do I know?Dec. 2014 Group 2 103Leave it in the Comment Section: Do you ever do any of these dangerous, impromptu repairs? Be honest.