Holiday Scarves


Here’s my new reason for loving crochet: It makes excellent gifts! Here’s my suggestion for the holidays: Pick one design that you like, perfect it, and duplicate it in a bunch of colors so you can hand them out to everyone and the next year pick another item. This means you don’t lose track of who got mittens and who got scarves already, and you get the benefit of quick chain-style production and not having to switch gears between each gift. The real beauty of this manner of DIY gift giving is that it’s newbie-friendly. I JUST learned to crochet. I can only make a few things. This is the second type of scarf I made and I loved it, so I decided that’s what everyone would get. I don’t have to worry about learning how to make a ton of items right away. Next year I think I’ll work on those ear warmer head wraps. And maybe the year after that I’ll attempt mittens. Who knows? Maybe by year 4 or 5 I’ll learn how to send out Christmas cards instead of just buying them and addressing half and leaving them on my table until it’s too late to possibly send out. Maybe this blog just became fictional.


These are the two scarves my daughters are giving to their teachers this year, and I must say I think it’s a good gift. They probably have more plaques and tree ornaments with rulers and apples than they can stand. I used the thick yarn and my blue plastic jumbo hook, which I love! If you want to take up crochet and have very little patience, I suggest starting with those two items. And a double crochet. It goes pretty quick that way.


For the scarves, I chose the infinity style, obviously, because they are so popular and snuggly and cozy and everybody’s happier when their neck is warm. I used the double crochet and made them ribbed by only putting the crochets into the back part of each loop. (Can you tell I don’t really know all the terminology yet?) I will probably do a step by step picture tutorial at some point. If anyone is dying to see that soon, however, I would make that tutorial sooner if you told me to do it in what? Your handy dandy comment section, of course! (Can you also tell I’m really vying for your feedback?)IMG_1976

Here they are all wrapped up. And by wrapped up I mean jammed into a bag and topped with tissue paper because mama hates to wrap. Is it just me or does that cardinal look a bit nefarious?IMG_1974

The Moral of The Story?

Find something you want to learn how to do and dig in. Look at blog tutorials. Look at Youtube.  Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to learn everything at once. Work on making one killer item and be proud of it.  

Then, mass-produce it and stuff it down all of your friends’ and relatives’ metaphorical throats for the Holiday Season!


Comment Section:  Do you give DIY gifts? Which are you favorites? Which ones are well-received? Which ones bombed?

DIY Infinity Scarf

photo 1


    Infinity scarves. I loved them. But I didn’t have one yet. So when I realized I had majorly over-purchased  this cute bow print fabric for a dress I was making, I got right to work looking for tutorials! There are zillions of tutorials out there on how to make one, so I’m just posting the pictures. I serged my seam with white thread since I didn’t have navy and it was already threaded with white. Black would have been less visible, but it really isn’t noticeable under the dark fabric.

photo 3

I like the idea of tying one side so it doesn’t slide and choke me. I only had a short length of this creme colored ribbon, but would like to buy some taupe fabric and make a longer tie for it so I can make it into a bow. (Yes, more bows. I love them. I would drown in cute little bows every day if I could. One simply can’t have enough of them!)

photo 2

The moral of the story?

    When buying fabric, always get a little extra. You may need it for your project. And if not, you can still put it to use.

    Also, bows make the world go round. Let’s remember that, people!photo 4