LaLove Designs Boho Draped Necklace

This is one of the offerings on my etsy store. Half boho/half punk…all modern.  Support small business and handmade design by picking one up-for yourself or as a great holiday gift! Or, support LaLove Designs by just browsing my Etsy store. I love interaction from my blog readers!!! I’ve been pretty “off the grid” lately, but I’m trying to make a comeback so please show a little L-O-V-E in the comment section, you wonderful people, you!!

New Studio Space and Logo

I’m so excited, you guys! I’m sitting in the middle of LaLove Design’s very own first studio space. How crazy is that? It felt like I would never get here sometimes, but it’s real…trust me….I’ve already pinched myself. So, it’s not huge and it’s in desperate need of a coat of paint and some vibrant minimalist styling (is that an oxymoron?) but it’s mine! I can’t wait to make this place shine! I will definitely keep you posted and now that I have an official space I can take better pictures-you know, ones without rows of laundry hampers in the background-which means I can post a lot more!

Fashion Show

LaLove Designs is proud to announce that we will be presenting a small collection at the Black Next Cultural Fest Fundraiser!!!

It is an arts and design-based fundraiser for Martin University, Indiana’s only black college. They’ll be presenting something at the beginning of the show about the history of the school, which, you know me…yay for learning and history! That’s not sarcasm. I’m just that nerdy. Also, I believe it’s everybody’s job to promote diversity and harmony! I’m white, but my daughters are biracial, so I’m extra passionate about and excited to support a cause that, hopefully, promotes unity through diversity. I think it’s wonderful to celebrate all cultures and what makes us all unique…cause in the end, that brings us together.

If you are local and follow my blog, I hope to see you there! In fact, I hope to sell you tickets to the event because that covers my entry fee as a designer.

(I have to give it up for them for doing that, btw, because that’s a really inventive way to help designers out while promoting an event! I can spot ingenuity, creativity, and helpfulness when I see it!)

Pattern Workshop Launch and My New Year’s Resolution

“How long can one save pictures for a blog post without publishing?” you might ask. The answer, my friend, is indefinitely, which leads me to today’s release of a blog intended to be published last summer. Also, to answer the … Continue reading

Pattern Indy Interview

Pattern Blog July Pics

I am very pleased to announce to you guys that I was recently interviewed for the Pattern magazine blog about designing for a local market and you can check that interview out by clicking the link below.

   This interview tells a bit about my design history, inspiration, my personal aesthetic as a fashion designer, and my process and personal story.

Pattern Indy and Me:

   Pattern Magazine is the first fashion mag based out of Indiana…ever, as far as I know! They put out some killer work-I definitely hand it to them for superior editorial high fashion shoots. Not only is Pattern a magazine, but it’s a collaborative effort to bring together and equip people in any facet of the fashion industry in our area. If you read me very often, you know I’m an unapologetic Christian and when I say “Thank the Lord for Pattern” I don’t just mean it figuratively.

    I touch on it in this interview, but Pattern had a lot to do with my decision to get back in the design game. When I moved back to Indiana after getting my degree in fashion design in California, I planned on it being a temporary hiatus. That is, until I had my twin girls and decided that their stability was more important than my dream. That’s when design became just that to me- a dream. Before becoming a mom, it was my plan. Afterward, it was a very abstract wish that I held onto rather loosely. It’s not that I gave up on design. I just resigned myself to the fact that there was really no fashion industry to get into here. We were just starting out with two babies at once to raise and take care of, and my full time job with good benefits took priority over fashion. Sadly, because the dream was painful to think of since I was so far from it at that point, I removed the reminders-putting away my sewing supplies, sending my final collection from school to Goodwill, and trashing my pattern sloper set (my worst mistake perhaps ever!)

    Then one day my coworker and BWFF (best work friend forever) brought in a clipping from the morning newspaper about Midwest Fashion Week. I was floored. While I had my head in the proverbial sands of data entry and such, a fashion industry had been sprouting up around me. It ignited a thought-a whisper-of possibility. A year or two later, I heard of Pattern. There was now a Hoosier fashion magazine? I sarcastically wondered if they featured Carharts and farm attire. (A little Indiana humor, folks.) They were having regular meetups to establish a cohesive industry within our state, so I went to one- and LOVED it! It was on sustainable fashion, which I’ll admit I hadn’t done a lot of thinking about, since I had abstained from fashion altogether for a few years. It struck me that not only is there growth in the fashion industry around me, but the growing societal conscience for sustainable, responsible fashion was a tremendous benefit for local designers.

    You see, we were taught in college to OUTSOURCE EVERYTHING. It took Pattern to break that mentality for me. After studying about the impacts of large scale “fast fashion” I wanted to not only get back to doing what I loved, but help lead the charge for change in the industry which glamorizes disposable fashion and making the quick buck. Learning to sew really, really well has taken me some time. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m pretty darn good. It took a ton of time to hone my pattern-making and -grading skills…and it will require more still. I’ve also had to change my outlook on the ideals of the design industry.  But you know what? It feels so good. The slow road isn’t glamorous. Operating a mom and pop design business (two people actually would be GREAT!) doesn’t equal overnight success. But I can tell all of you aspiring fashion designers that it is such a great way to develop a really strong foundation and skill set to springboard your line an ideas on fashion once you have the fundamental know-how in place.

   Thanks, Pattern, for the role you’ve played in coaxing me out of my comfort zone to jump into the industry. Here’s to making a splash!!!

Indy Talent


What happens when talent comes together? An explosion. Magic. Rainbows, unicorns and all that. (Ok, so maybe no mythological creatures.) But you can guarantee that when you have a team of talented people working together toward one common goal, you’ll end up with an amazing product! In this case, a trio of talent from my home town came together creatively to end up with these stunning pictures. I’m so proud to know each of them personally, and I may be even prouder of their work. It speaks for itself, doesn’t it? And the best part (well, for me and my state, at least) is that they are all right here in central Indiana! We’re seeing the Indianapolis fashion scene turn into a legitimate fashion industry right before our eyes! And these are 3 of the up and coming designers, fashion photographers, and models to keep on your radar. From the looks of things they’re going places…and taking our city with them!

Independent designers, this post is for you! Inspiration to keep you going and working toward a more local based, sustainable fashion industry. Home-grown no longer means a cheap knock-off of the big industry version! Now it means talented people working in an industry who have heart, tons of creativity, and the power to customize through smaller orders. You don’t have to be just a number. You don’t have to wear the same mass-produced shirt as everyone else. You don’t have to support the often dangerous work conditions in other countries. Now there’s a growing, viable, and beautiful array of independent fashion designers-bucking the trends of big business-and surprisingly available to suit your fashion needs! (Side note: How do those big stores sell 25,000 pieces of one item and somehow still talk us into shopping there to show off our individuality? Not saying I don’t enjoy shopping, just don’t treat me like an idiot through your advertising campaigns, please!)10924177_328998773960382_9211932062066269646_o





The Designer: Erica, does custom fashion design work as needed and produces one of a kind clothing and accessories for babies, children, and young adults. She specializes in cool clothing with an edge. Have a diva daughter who loves dressing like her favorite Monster High dolls? Hit Erica up on Facebook and she can make you what you need! Her Facebook handle is Darkstress Love. (Even the name is cool.) P.S. Who doesn’t want that cute skirt in their own size? I know I do…in a midi length with some ballet flats and and a cute lacy crop top with a clutch? Uh, YES please!

The Model: Erica’s amazing daughter Taylor. She’s close friends with my daughters, and I can tell you, she’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. But you’d never know that based on her ice-cold poses! This girl nails it…consistently. She’s got the makings of a runway model…graceful, poised, but with a gaze that looks beyond the camera and out of the page. It will be neat to watch her grow up and mature as a model. She’s so naturally talented.

The Photographer: Duke. This guy is a modern day renaissance man! When I met him, he was producing music primarily…and honestly, I assumed that since he was doing it out of his house, it couldn’t be very great. Until I listened to it! He’s a man who obviously has a beautiful talent for artistry in many forums and once he’s dedicated to learn a new medium and create, his work starts out great and keeps climbing from there, and it’s been great to see him expand into photography. The name of his business is 2K1Photography. Check him out on Facebook:

There are people that labor to create art and there are people who art just flows from, and all three of these artists are in the latter group. Feel free to get in touch with them if you like their work, whether you’re a local and would like to work with them, or you’re an out-of-towner who just wants to give them a word of encouragement on a job well done. If we as a creative community would reach out and continually build each other up, what could our world look like? I bet it would be a bit more beautiful! Being creative does NOT mean you have to be catty! There’s enough room in this world for everyone to create. Letting other artists shine will not hinder your productivity or business, it will stimulate and inspire it.

I plan on showing you more from these three gifted creatives. And you can look forward to collaborations between designers. That will be coming soon, as soon as time allows, and we’re very excited to see what the mix of our two very different styles will bloom into. That’s another thing that’s so cool about designing independently. You have the flexibility-and the privilege-to work with other talented people who are just as passionate and excited about fashion as you are. You can share common and contrasting viewpoints on style, and you can make something out of nothing together. I thought I was leaving fashion behind for good when I decided to stay in Indiana permanently instead of heading back to the LA area. Boy was I wrong! And now, looking at everything objectively, I could never have been as happy working in a big company where designers have so little input and the quantity trumps the quality to such a huge degree. I now live in an area that boasts a sizeable and vibrant fashion COMMUNITY. That’s right. Community. And thank goodness we’re small enough to live with others in our industry in a way that expresses that word to its fullness- sharing, loving, working, creating, celebrating, and growing. You watch out, rest of the world. Indianapolis is on the scene to stay.

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