Puppies Love Pattern Weights

Puppies Do Love Pattern Weights!IMG_2639And I’m starting to hate puppies. Just kidding- have you ever seen one? They’re adorable! I could never hate them, but I am a little blue about the fate of my weights- three of which were handmade! I’d been planning to write a how-to post on making them. Instead, here’s a post on why you should not leave your supplies lying around if you have dogs-EVER!

IMG_2640ONE made it out unscathed. . . the simplest, smallest, and easiest to make, of course!

IMG_2512And here’s Scout from last week, after having eaten my staircase. He looks remorseful, but trust me, he’s not.

IMG_2637But he’s our baby! And he’s way too cute to stay mad at, don’t you think?

IMG_2620Most collies are farm hands. Not Scout. He’s my (big) little assistant designer, who only watches television if there’s an animal crying. (Here he is, really confused when they started doing animal calls on Monster Quest.)

IMG_2630He eats a lot of stuff, but I gotta say, the cat’s not the only one who loves him!

How Not to Sew Buttons onto Jeans

Dec. 2014 Group 2 104


In light of my last several long-winded posts, I’m letting the pictures mostly speak for themselves in this one. Dec. 2014 Group 2 098

I’ve had a bunch of women tell me they iron their skirts while they’re wearing them. That seems more dangerous than this to me, but what do I know?Dec. 2014 Group 2 103Leave it in the Comment Section: Do you ever do any of these dangerous, impromptu repairs? Be honest.