Organizing Break

As my readers know, I have no qualms about being an open nerd. You guys are about to see that soar to a whole new level, though! Since I’m home with my daughters now, I’m taking a break from everything I normally do besides blogging and chores to spend time with them and enjoy the holidays. (Is enjoy the correct word for extremely last minute shopping and wrapping in the dead of night and any time you can find when your kids are otherwise occupied?)

I’m very blessed to be able to spend this time with them. I’m excited for Christmas morning and the many other Christmas parties and events we have going on this week. I’m excited that we finally got the cartoon version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. But most of all, I’m excited to be able to clean my closets! Don’t adjust your screen. You read that right. If I were a superhero, all I’d need on my utility belt would be a label maker. And I would straight Save The Day!

I know a lot of crafters that share  my affinity to label making. It runs in our blood. It’s like nature’s way of balancing out our quirky, haphazard, mayhem-enous ?- way of delving into multiple projects while managing to not put any of the supplies away until our crafting area is overrun. Well, it’s usually more like our crafting area, our living room, bits of our kitchen, and possibly our garage if our current project is very work-y. The creative brain has a way of ironing all that out- and it’s the incessant desire to get organized. And while our houses may not look very organized depending on what stages of creativity we’re in at the time, we tend to be able to put everything back quickly and easily because it has a predetermined place of belonging.

Ah, if only we could stick to those predetermined spaces instead of constantly upheaving our homes to change the way everything is sorted. But, no such luck here folks. In our need to create and become better and better, we’re just going to have to make peace with the fact that we move stuff around- a lot. And we’re generally pretty good at it. That is, if we can make it through the whole organizing endeavor and get everything put back up before we crash.

Which leads me to why I love to organize my closets so much. (Not just my closets, to be honest. I obsess over my friends’ unorganized closets, too, usually until I get my way and they let me have at it.) I always says “Closets are the command centers for your house.” Yes, I know how geeky that sounds, and the actual logic there isn’t very sound, but I say it nevertheless. If the storage areas aren’t organized, it’s hard to even clean your house, because you don’t know where all that clutter really belongs. You end up with a scenario similar to when husbands clean- no junk gets moved off of counters or tables and put up. It just gets washed around. Ok, that better not be just my husband!

So I’m off to the races. If I have any major organizational epiphanies or anything muy entertaining happens while I’m sorting, I’ll be sure to let you guys know!

LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENT SECTION: What are your best organizing tips?