Pattern storage tip

      Having trouble labeling and storing those homemade patterns? This was my “necessity is the mother of all invention” solution. I simply traced my original sketch of the garments I had made my pattern from onto a ziplock bag and stored the muslin draped or paper pattern pieces in the bag. No re-drawing a flat. No need to transfer patterns. No huge Manila envelopes for undersized patterns.  All delight!

LaLove Sketches and Finished Pieces

   I felt extremely blessed in 2016 as I watched this collection come to life. From the design and pattern-making process to sewing and seeing my pieces walk down the runway, it’s always hectic, surreal, and amazing! I had great help from the worlds most hard working intern, Courtney and a terrific friend of mine, Amanda, who is a sewing natural. Of course, the Midwest Fashion Week fashion founder Bernie Martin and fashion show producer DaNisha Greene deserve all the thanks in the world! Also, one of the most talented and vibrant artists of our time emceed this event, which was very special to me. Thanks, Ash! (Did I mention she’s a spectacular model, too?) And what is a fashion designer without a string of radiant runway models? As always, I’d love to thank all you lovelies who walked in my outfits at the show and those of you who participated in the photo shoot afterward. This post has been long procrastinated, but it’s definitely a thank-you from the heart!!