Pattern Workshop Launch and My New Year’s Resolution

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 580

“How long can one save pictures for a blog post without publishing?” you might ask. The answer, my friend, is indefinitely, which leads me to today’s release of a blog intended to be published last summer. Also, to answer the next question that I’m sure is firing up those curious little neurons of yours…Why, yes. Yes, this is related to a New Year’s Resolution. Indirectly, of course, because life is messy and I’m just here to make art out of the chaotic remnants of said mess!

My resolution isn’t to go through my blog drafts and publish each of them, though I’m hoping that will be a side effect. My resolution is much, much scarier than that! Let me begin by saying I’m not naturally a resolutions girl. But who is, really? For people who inherently posses self discipline, goal setting and habit making or breaking happens as life progresses. (Enter every first-born golden boy or girl: shout out to my biggest big brother who can’t for the life of him understand why I don’t just put things on the calendar and stick to them.) It’s only the truly sporadic, laissaez faire, fly by the seat of our pants kind of people that need that shot of adrenaline that comes solely with the New Year. Resolutions steel our nerves enough to jump start actual planning and effort. You know, for like a week!

Since I was never able to keep up with my resolutions, I threw the whole idea out for years. Then last year, I resolved in front of God and the Blogosphere, to become an expert seamstress. (Click Here to read that Resolution Blog.) In 2015, I did just that. I am so much more confident in my sewing abilities and I’m able to make much more highly constructed garments than before. I made a whole 18 outfit collection which I presented at Midwest Fashion Week and I’ve been making size runs of items to sell at the boutique highlighted in this post. Essentially, I nailed it on that resolution!

This year’s resolution, however, well…sucks. The various accountability partners I’ve had throughout the years to try to build this habit can attest to my inability to stick to it. But it’s the habit I’m determined to conquer in 2016. My resolution for this year is to Get Up Early. I know it sounds small and trivial, but getting up before the last possible minute has become my White Whale. (Although I started reading Moby Dick on a plane about ten years ago and never finished, so the book itself has become like my white whale. Pause for irony appreciation.)

I’ll go into more detail at some time, I’m sure, but since today’s post it running long, suffice it to say that I have narcolepsy, which makes me feel constantly sleep deprived even though I’m not. I’m not venting or complaining about it…It’s just the way it is for me. I can’t remember ever not struggling to stay awake, even as a kid. I’m fine when I’m moving around, but sitting still puts me out. And getting up is like wrestling  a unicorn. But it’s what I need to do. I miss out on so much productivity by sleeping until the last minute and it stops this year. (I think. Check back in, like, a few weeks. This could very well turn into a strike-though kind of paragraph!)

So Aaaaanyway, I got up early today and I’m being productive. Looking back in my drafts, I found this gem-pictures of the 2015 opening of Pattern’s new Store and Maker’s Space Workshop. I’ve talked before about Pattern, the organization in Indianapolis collaborating with local designers and people working in any aspect of fashion to bring together a cohesive fashion industry in Indiana. I love the plan, love the people, and love the work produced by everyone’s collective efforts!

Since I’ve already talked your little ears off, I’ll just caption these pictures rather than ramble on, which I’m prone to do, and you know  I do enjoy it so!
Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 587This is the Store side of the shop, where you can see the maker’s space through this gorgeous original window!

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 581One of the featured Makers using the workshop space, Howl & Hide‘s worksop area. They are an amazing local handmade leather goods supplier and I want their napsack style tote! I have no pictures of it, so I must have just been  pining over it.

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 584A cute display on the Store side.

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 586

Repurposed industrial items for the display…Love it!

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 585

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 577Car Selfie on the Way to the Grand Opening.

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 578Car Selfie with the hubby.

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 579Glasses Car selfie.

Keeping it real.

(While vainly snapping pictures of myself in the car. I may be 30, but I think I’m becoming new school.)

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 583Okay, this is a good one- the floral skirt is LaLove. It’s amazing going into a store and seeing your work on display!

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 580Vintage machine visible through the front window.

Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 588Hemming machine. BLIND Hemming machine. I tried my best not to sing an angelic AAAAAHHHHH in the store when I was playing with this, but I’m not sure I restrained myself fully.


Copy of videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 589

Look, it creates a blind hem without having to do that awkward triple-fold back thing that I always dread.

videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 590

See? PROOF! BLIND hem!

videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 591This is just a shirt that I wanted! I didn’t buy it because I try to make money selling my items there, and not spend it all buying stuff there, but it’s hard sometimes to resist! I took pictures to remind myself of the yoke detail in the front. That’s a clever use of design and I’ll probably pin this pic to my “fashion details” board. I hope all you aspiring fashion designers who follow me look out for details and construction when shopping, too. NEVER stop intentionally and doggedly seeking out inspiration!!!!

videos and pics from iphone uploaded 8-26-15 592I dig the back yoke, too. You usually see the gathered detail here, so the pleats were a refreshing pause from the norm.

The Moral of The Story?

Don’t be afraid to battle it out with yourself to overcome your obstacles. Any why not use a New Year’s Resolution as your springboard? Just pick your most important battle and keep fighting all year long!

Also, don’t point your space heater directly at yourself. That has nothing to do with today’s post, but I am friggin’ burning UP! Bye, Lovies!

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