Your Dog Ate Your WHAT?



IMG_2828If I had a dollar for every item I’ve lost to a puppy over the years, well, I’d have enough to buy another puppy! But I won’t…because they’re terrible-and adorable! If I were as passionate about  dog training as I am at sewing, I supposed I’d have fewer mishaps, but in this instance at least, I was able to use my passion for the one to make up for the lack of the other. Yay!

I had just bought this from Aerie, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. No cheap stores carry my size, so I have to wait for sales at places like Victoria’s Secret and Aerie. I was super-dee-duper excited (anyone remember Barney? No? Just Me Then?) when I was at the mall with my husband  getting a softball glove for the league he’s in and Aerie had buy one get one FREE signs up! That’s almost unheard of. I mean, fireworks went of, guys and dolls! So, sure, this one was technically free, but it would cost about $50.00 to replace.

. . .And then my dog ate it.

When my initial upset dissipated, I realized  the cups were still intact and it was actually fairly minor damage, even though the strap had been severed. Several months ago, I may have just thrown it away, but as I’m sewing more and more of my designs, I’m also mending a lot more. That’s partly because I’m getting more confident in my abilities and less intimidated by new types of clothing, and partly because I’m broke now-between staying home with my kids and this darn puppy! IMG_2830-0

How the Puppy left it-Wonk Wonk.


The first thing I did was cut off the jagged, mangled, dog-spitty parts (nobody wants that) to have straight edges to work with.IMG_2833-0I gave it enough overlap so I wouldn’t lose any strength in the strap. IMG_2834-1Using the closest color I had to this light lilac, I sewed the straps together, whip-stitched through the lace, and did a little reinforcing at the back.IMG_2839-0Voila!

IMG_2837-0How to dog-chewless side looks

IMG_2838-0How the repaired side looks.

It’s not beautiful, (although it wouldn’t be very noticeable at all if I had gotten thread that was an exact match) but it saved the bra. From a couple feet away, it’s not really all that visible.

IMG_2836And that, my friends, is how to save a bra!

2 thoughts on “Your Dog Ate Your WHAT?

    • I know…I’m usually a lot more careful to keep my clothes-and shoes-behind closed doors. Luckily, when he does get into the closet, he usually goes for my oldest, rattiest pair of sneakers, so that keeps my good stuff fairly safe, lol.

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