Whatcha Workin On Wednesday

IMG_2806 I must admit that I love the style of the teensy, squared short sleeve. I’ve doted on this style on pinterest, but honestly didn’t think about the construction until I began sewing the binding onto this tank and put the half-finished project on the dress form. Maybe next time.


The original design- quickly sketched, not that I’m too amazing at drawing when I spend a lot of time on it. I have the pattern made for the skirt and the fabric cut out, but I haven’t begun sewing.

IMG_2799That’s my to-do list pinned to the dress form. If I leave it anywhere else, I forget about it and get off track.

IMG_2790I got a little bored and played with the scraps and I love these dainty little flowers. I have enough for several hair clips for my daughters to lose.

IMG_2807Turns out, they would be pretty cool around the neck of a really rad dress, or just as a neck piece. Boredom really does inspire a lot of my designs.

I’m excited about this criss-cross back! It’s fairly open, while still being able to hide a bra. I love fashion and fads, but not at the expense of my bras!

Hand Sewing Hack

IMG_2766How do I love Duct Tape? Let me count the ways! 

IMG_2763Today’s tip is using tape to make an impromptu finger shield while hand stitching. I’ve lusted over the fancy adhesive thimbles in expensive quilter’s catalogs, but I couldn’t bring myself to purchase something that costs so much per use, since they are disposable. On this project, however, I was beginning to long for them, as hand sewing through as many as 8 layers on the seams while attaching this binding can get a little…shall we say, complicated. (Complicated is code for painful!) Thimbles suck, so they’re not a good option for me, plus I needed something for my thumb, not my fingers. What popped into my mind? Miss Liz from Swamp People- my husband’s favorite show. She wraps each finger with what appears to be electrical tape so the lines they drag the alligators in on don’t cut through. (If you haven’t seen the show, it’s worth a watch…not very cerebral, but intriguing on a very-umm-primal level.)



How you do it: Cut several strips and layer them on your thumb or whichever finger you use to push your needle through. It’s that simple. And it’s marvelous! It’s one of those ideas you can’t believe you hadn’t thought of before. I’ll definitely be keeping a roll of tape close by my sewing supplies from now on. I will say, though, it’s not totally impenetrable, so if you try this hack, use a little finesse. Remember the back of the needle is pretty sharp, as well. Mine went through the tape when I was sewing through the side seam and just pressed my thumb down onto the needle like a madman-directly from the top, not the side. Not my smoothest move ever. This works very well as a barrier as long as the needle is at an angle-not perpendicular to your thumb if you are applying a ton of pressure.



The Moral of The Story?

Thimbles suck-unless your goal is to see how wobbly your needle can be as you try to sew.

And there are very few problems in life that Duct tape can’t solve!

Crop Top Set

IMG_2683Here it is, after much ado and many posts about my new obsession with matching sets.IMG_2684

IMG_2679This top was really fun to make and I love how the back turned out. My kids love how “slippery” it is inside. They’re always able to find the really great things in life.







IMG_2590Things I learned during this project: Make the next skirt with a teensy bit more ease-especially if there’s no back vent, and for crop tops, cut them longer than you think you’ll need. Even with all the measuring before making the pattern, I didn’t really consider moving around in it. Let’s just say I won’t be raising my arms very high in this top.

Stacy London’s Back, Baby!!!!

IMG_2653This is what my face looks like every day now! I’m just ecstatic about Stacy London’s return to television! I know I’m not alone, America. Who’s with me?

IMG_2641If only she were peeking around the wall of my closet, waiting to tear me down only to build me back up from scratch with perfectly tuned style!!! It hurts so good!

IMG_2702She actually uses volunteers for this show…no more hijacking unsuspecting frumpy moms like What Not To Wear! (The last time I saw Clinton Kelly, he was cooking on a morning show. Break my heart, Clinton!!)

IMG_2705The volunteers are women who dress so outrageously they often can’t make it in the professional workforce and come to Stacy for style help. The girl above, who had coined herself “Alien Baby,” turned out to be really gorgeous under all that black makeup.

IMG_2707Alien Baby’s After.

So Pretty, Right?


My absolute favorite part of the new show? The theme song montage! Stacy actually dresses up using several of the genres she so vehemently opposes…and totally rocks them, I must say. Oh, how I love her sweet, biting satire!



I just don’t think life gets any better than this:

IMG_2655Angsty Hipster Stacy!

IMG_2666Gothic Stacy!

IMG_2665Jersey-Tastic Stacy!

IMG_2692J-Lo Post-P Diddy Phase Stacy?

IMG_2698Teeny Bopper/Rockabilly Stacy!

IMG_2656Those nails!

IMG_2657Ah, Stacy London’s IFFY face. This is what pops into my mind every time I put on those jeans I’ve held onto since high school. I just know she’d burn them! They don’t even have any stretch in them-denim with spandex apparently hadn’t been invented yet. But I’ll keep them around, in hopes that one day she’ll catch wind of it and show up on my doorstep, elbows locked with Clinton, and make all my masochistic styling dreams come true! BRING IT ON, STACY!

Twist on a Classic White Tee



Looking for easy sewing projects? This just might be your lucky day. You don’t need a machine to make this adorable t-shirt, just fabric, a pattern (or a good fitting t-shirt to use as a pattern,) scissors, pins, a needle, and thread.












I didn’t post how to do it here, since I have so many other tutorials on hand sewing whole garments.

Here are the links:

Baby T-shirt Tutorial

Make Your Own Yoga Gear

Super Hero Tank Top


Puppies Love Pattern Weights

Puppies Do Love Pattern Weights!IMG_2639And I’m starting to hate puppies. Just kidding- have you ever seen one? They’re adorable! I could never hate them, but I am a little blue about the fate of my weights- three of which were handmade! I’d been planning to write a how-to post on making them. Instead, here’s a post on why you should not leave your supplies lying around if you have dogs-EVER!

IMG_2640ONE made it out unscathed. . . the simplest, smallest, and easiest to make, of course!

IMG_2512And here’s Scout from last week, after having eaten my staircase. He looks remorseful, but trust me, he’s not.

IMG_2637But he’s our baby! And he’s way too cute to stay mad at, don’t you think?

IMG_2620Most collies are farm hands. Not Scout. He’s my (big) little assistant designer, who only watches television if there’s an animal crying. (Here he is, really confused when they started doing animal calls on Monster Quest.)

IMG_2630He eats a lot of stuff, but I gotta say, the cat’s not the only one who loves him!