Aw, Crap!

IMG_2323That moment in sewing when you’re almost at the end of your project only to realize you’ve done something wrong. . .sewn the wrong seams together, cut 2 rights instead of a right and a left, or if you’re a patternmaker like me, mislabeled the original pattern. Yay.
Remember the waistband I was so excited about and proud of in This Post? I sewed it just fine. I did everything right, according to the pattern. Problem is, I labeled the left waistband piece as Right and vice versa, so the whole thing is all wrong.  Stay Calm and Grab Your Seam Ripper and all that, right? I bet that’s a really good philosophy with patient people. For me, I’m satisfied to be able to calm back down after my initial freak out and use it for an inspirational post, hopefully. (Probably less inspiration than sharing a common rant, but I think that helps, too.)

The funny thing is I made a sample pair to test the fit of this new pattern I made. (You can see a pic of that pair at the bottom of This Post on My Easy Button Sewing Tip.) And when I encountered this problem with the waistband on that pair, I assumed I just screwed up during the cutting-I had kids running around and dogs barking while I cut out. I didn’t even think to check my pattern. At least I caught it the second time around! (This has been a real blow to the old perfectionist ego, folks!) Well, let’s all live and learn together, fellow seamstresses, designers, and DIYers!IMG_2336

The Inside of the Finished Pants.

Everything worked out all right, after all. I did not hyperventilate, I did not die of boredom seam ripping (although I thought I would do both when I first realized my mistake when pinning on the waistband.) IMG_2328 IMG_2329 IMG_2330 IMG_2323 IMG_2327 IMG_2326 IMG_2324 IMG_2325
IMG_2331IMG_2344 IMG_2346

2 thoughts on “Aw, Crap!

    • Thank you, and I definitely agree with the fixable mistakes and self loathing! I have literally put projects away before because I was too frustrated and didn’t want to fix a mistake.

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