Easy Button Sewing Tip

IMG_2185My tip for how to sew on a button easily stems from a vast pool of ingenuity I have, which in turn comes mostly from being part of a long line of, well, rednecks. Every male in my family is like a midwestern MacGyver. They can fix anything that breaks, usually using their huge stash of-sometimes superfluous- tools and supplies. (I have one brother who actually uses the term “My Good chainsaw”) But they’re also very good at making a way to solve the problem when they have next to nothing on hand to fix it with. Knowing that, my button sewing trick will probably make a little more sense. My secret? Scotch tape.




I hate getting my buttons in just the right spot and at just the right angle, only to have them slip out of place while I’m sewing. So, out of frustration, I grabbed my tape and figured I’d give it a go. It worked like a charm, and here’s how you do it. Get the button into the correct position and apply a strip of tape over it so it stays in place as you sew. Once it’s on, you can rip the tape off with no ill effect. I hand stitched this button on, but you could use this for machine sewing, as well. I’d just make sure to clean the needle afterward to remove any stuck on adhesive.

I always begin and finish my buttons on the front of the fabric, underneath the button so the knot isn’t exposed on the inside of the garment. I wouldn’t want that against my skin.IMG_2184





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