Make It Work!

During one of my Goodwill ugly sweater trips a few weeks ago, I pulled out this spectacular Fair Isle Liz Claiborne sweater. (There’s nothing I love more than fair isle…except possibly herringbone…and of course argyle! I’ve become quite the fashion prepster in my ripe old age.) The problem is, I spotted it as an amazing thrift steal, but when I pulled it out to show it to my husband, he said, “Yeah, that’ll be great for the ugly sweater party! It’s bad.” Frowny face.IMG_2113IMG_2112

I can see why he’d think that, and I even put so much stock in his initial opinion that I almost put it back. That is, until I turned the little number around and saw the gathered back. Magnificent! Just look at this gorgeous exquisiteness. Okay, you may not be as stoked as I am, but I think it’s pretty great.


The only thing is, when I tried it on, it looked so bland from the front. The fit was definitely wonky. I don’t even think this photo does it justice, but trust me, it just felt frumpy. Plus, whenever I put it on, the hubby would chuckle. Punk! Every time I passed this in the closet, I was determined to find the right outfit to go with it to make it as awesome as I knew it could be. (I also had the idea to do blog posts now and then about finding thrifted items that most people would ignore or even hate, and make them work. That’s kind of a thrill to me. Then again, I’m pretty boring.) I thought it might be good with this outfit, but still wasn’t satisfied with it after I put it all together. So I decided to do a little improvised alteration. (Another thing that I find exciting and further proof of my nerdiness.)


Here’s the cardi as it was. Pretty boxy. It works for the back with the gathers, but not so flattering for the front.IMG_2110

I started out with one of my favorite stand-bys: Blue Tailor’s Chalk. I capitalized the name out of my complete reverence for Tailor’s Chalk. I don’t know where I’d be without the stuff.

Then I sewed down to take in and contour the side seam.

And These Are The Pictures of The Finished Product

If I roll up the sleeves and leave it unzipped, it’s like a moto-jacket but Golden Girls style. I’m a pretty tough chick.





This is the picture I sent my husband when I finished it to show I was right. We’re pretty competitive! I usually win.


IMG_2123Cute boots and a dog bone. My little gift to you.

Comments Section Question: What’s your favorite cute/ugly score and how’d you make it work?

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