Super Duper

A few months ago, we had an emergency. Not a real emergency, just the kind where your child tells you at the latest possible minute that they need something for school. . .that very day. I normally don’t really oblige, but this particular overlooked spirit day item was pretty much my fault. Let me explain. For spirit week at school, they send out a bulletin showing which days are what and I’m pretty used to what my girls dress up for and what they won’t. Hat day? Love it. Red day? As long as we’re not too behind on laundry, they’re into it. Jersey day? Up until they both got a Colts shirt, they wanted nothing to do with it. Now they’re into jersey day. But Superhero day has never been their thing. So honestly, I didn’t even mention it.

Then, the morning of superhero day my when my daughter said, “Mom, isn’t it superhero day? I wanted to be superman,” I melted. I had about 25 minutes before they had to get on the bus, but I was able to pull this quick little cape together because I had the red and yellow felt, a hot glue gun, a t-shirt I could cut up and the superhero logo idea I’d seen on Pinterest. (Are they thinking about paying me yet for plugging their website? It’s well overdue, if you ask me.)

Dec. 2014 Group 2 022

How to do it: Cut a t-shirt into a cape shape. You could get really fancy and sew the ties onto the cape, but I just cut it out as one piece. For the symbol, find the one you want online and either print it out and use it as a stencil or just draw it based on the one you saw. For this one a ruler was indispensable! I cut out the red felt in the log design and laid it over the yellow so it would fit over it exactly. Then hot glue the two layers together and either sew or glue the symbol onto the cape. I used hot glue since I had so little time, and it held up for the whole day. Sewing would probably be the way to go if you were making it for someone who would use it for dress up often.Dec. 2014 Group 2 019

You can see my mistakes on the red, since I outlined in sharpie, but this would be a very easy project if given enough time to do it. I’d suggest either using something washable to draw the shape initially, using a template to draw around, or if you prefer to freehand with a sharpie like I did, draw the logo backwards, so you don’t have any extra markings. Now that I’m thinking of better ways to go about it, if I had to do it again, I think I’d prefer to use a really soft drawing pencil that would work on felt and then use the sharpie to do the outline once I had the correct design.¬†Dec. 2014 Group 2 020

Dec. 2014 Group 2 022

Dec. 2014 Group 2 023

Dec. 2014 Group 2 024

I think she did a great job of putting her outfit together while I made the cape. Very Super-y!Dec. 2014 Group 2 025

I may have made her cheese it up a little for this pic. Couldn’t help myself.Dec. 2014 Group 2 026She seems pretty mellow here. I believe I was significantly less calm after this little rush project. It’s really too bad she didn’t just keep it on, because once I got her and her sister on the bus, I came back inside only to find the cape on my stupid ironing board. I found it somewhat ironic that I wouldn’t have had to rush if I knew I’d have to run the thing to school anyway. You know what they say, rushing and anxiety make for an excellent memory. Oh, wait, NOBODY says that!

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