Kids Craft Day

Another fun day today with the little ones! They got paint your own tea sets made by Totally Me for Christmas and had a blast decorating them on our new used table in our craft room.
Tip: Use leftover Christmas wrapping paper to cover your craft space. It works great, you usually have it on hand- especially this time of year, and it’s thick enough that nothing bleeds through while still thin enough to be pliable and drape over your surface.

I love all the box craft sets. They make the job so much easier! No finding craft ideas and hunting for supplies. It’s all right there in one (most probably over packaged) box. The downside is the expectation kids have of their project turning out the way it looks on the box. I tried to stress that not even Mommy can make it look like the pictures do. All in all, they had a good time and were proud of how they turned out. Me Too!

The light in this room is great for crafts, but terrible for pictures. Still, I got some that we’ll be able to look back at and remember spending time like this together.




Happy Crafting Everybody!

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