Ugly Christmas Sweater Haul


I have avoided it for so long, but this year I find myself not only going to my friend’s Ugly Sweater party, but also roped into making ugly sweaters for my whole family since my church is having an ugly sweater party next Sunday. I really didn’t think my daughters would want to participate, so by the time they told me they wanted one, Goodwill was all sold out of Christmas sweaters, and I couldn’t find two regular kids sweaters to use, either. So they’ll be wearing ugly Christmas dresses, which I think may be better, anyway.


The base for a nice crazy-lady hat. I have some jingle bells…I’m gonna explore my options there.



 This is everything from my first trip. Enough for hodge-podge sweaters for myself and my husband.

IMG_1782-0.JPGThis was hands-down my most spectacular find. And yes, those are jingle bells in each wreath!


I so wanted to find something absolutely hideous since I pre-bragged to my friend about how I would have the ugliest sweater, but I saw this little guy and he made me crack up everytime I looked at him, so he’s what I’m going with. I’ll throw an Santa hat on him and some ridulous trimmings and hope no one pets me!IMG_1783-0

This should work to sew onto something. It’s not quite ugly enough to stand alone, but the store was pretty picked over and i can always just sew on a whole bunch of additional tacky stuff.


Future ugly dress #1. And the dress both my girls are fighting to wear. Such is the life of twins, I guess.


Future ugly dress #2. The buttons are on the front of this jumper. I think this should win the ugly contest as is.


This was the only decent Christmas shirt left once I went back for my daughter’s stuff. He’s not ugly, he’s just as jolly as can be, so I’ll have to get creative and see what I can do with him.

Well, guys, wish me luck! 

P.S. I’d really like to get to know you guys more, and that’s what the comment section is for. So tell me, how do you feel about the ugly sweater craze? Is it too much? Ridiculous? Love it? Hate it because you keep winning the ugliest sweater prize unintentionally? Let me know!

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