Craftsy Pants Class Blog# 4


Lesson 6: Crotch and Calf Alterations. (This will look lovely on my facebook page, as it only shows the first couple lines of each blog I post! Oh well.)

In light of my post 2 days ago about finishing what you start, just let me say that I really hate finishing what I start! I’m so bored with this project/class. And it’s not the class-it’s me. (What, am I breaking up with this class?) The class is great. And insightful. And informative. Yet, I’ve already moved on. You’ll remember from my “Who Loves Pants? This Girl!” post that I’ve begun making the flat pattern for custom fitting trousers. On one hand, I really hate cheating on my craftsy class. On the other hand, I really love pants! [Did you see my blog post? :)] So now that I have disregarded my own advice and have two pants irons in the project fire, I have to stick to my guns and ride them both out. (Man, that’s a lot of trite sayings!) The cool part will be comparing the fit on the two finished products. Ok, I guess that’s only cool if you’re a supernerd.

First things first. I love this lady! Sandra Betzina is a total pattern making geek! I feel like she could be my yoda. (I’m not sure, though, cause I’ve never actually watched those movies. I’m a pattern nerd, not a nerd nerd!) Also, her nails are painted black for this lesson. She’s so cute!IMG_1932

Secondly, the alterations I need to do make no sense to me! In order to make the thigh fit in the last class, I took in the crotch seam and now that we’re fixing the crotch to fit our measurements, I need to just add it right back…and more! It makes me really wonder how they’re gonna turn out. I just have to keep going, because listening to the teacher is, like, awe-inspiring. She can just look at a person and rattle off what alterations she would need to do to any given pattern. I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT ONE DAY! So for this, I’m just gonna add the length back to the crotch, because I’d rather have a pattern that fits my butt and may be too loose in the legs than some that are too small to fit at the top. We’re going to make a muslin, too, as part of this class, so I’ll have the chance to fix it somewhere along the line.IMG_1930-0

The moral of the story?

Use as many cliches, parentheses, and . . . s (dot, dot, dots for those of you who didn’t get that) in your writing as possible. And always be tongue-in cheek. 🙂

Also, always remember to give it up for pants!

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