Photo Oh No


Okay, so part of this whole blogging and fashion thing is figuring out how to do stuff you’re terrible at. When you’re starting anything, you have to wear all of the hats. Luckily, I have friends including one very talented designer to help with some aspects, but I still have to continually educate myself on all kinds of things I’ve never done before. I love having this blog to document that learning process for you guys and hopefully as I grow in knowledge, I can shed some light on how to overcome the obstacles of being a one man-or woman-operation.

As much as I hope to impart wisdom and enlighten you on how to do things, I fear that during my learning processes you’ll actually see more on how not to do things. But hey, it’s trial and error- heavy on the error, right?

That being said, I suck at photography. I’ve never had a passion for it, and don’t know how to work a fancy camera, much less own one. But I need to keep getting better at taking pictures for this blog. And since I have no one to model, I also have to get good tolerable at that. It’s hard work, people! These girls really know what they’re doing. Man, they must have tough skin and great personalities, because my inclination is to laugh and cover my face in front of the camera.

I’m getting better at trying poses out and learning what to do with my stupid face, which is really, really hard! (It’s just not as hard as learning what to do with my stupid hands.) Some shots are actually decent- considering I’m working with absolutely zero equipment- unless you count the flat sheet I have thumb-tacked to my wall. I’m not showing you those today, though, because when I look back at my photos, the first thing I do is find the horrible ones, crack up, then send them to my best friend, who also cracks up. (It’s ok. I’d be insecure if she didn’t laugh at me.) So without further ado, I’m elevating you guys to bestie status and inviting you to laugh at me.

Here they are, in all their terrible glory. (To get the full effect, you have to read the captions in your mind as a very serious French or British Photographer. It doesn’t matter which, but it needs to be one of those two. Maybe ya switch back and forth!)

IMG_1929Pout, Monique, Pout. No seriously. Act like you absolutely hate life and everybody in it.


Now, pretend to be a confused Tyrannosaurus Rex.


You have something in your eye, darling. Go ahead and dig it out!


 For this shot, you are very suspicious. There’s something happening by the wall and you do not like it.


You are wrestling for attention with the cat. Make sure you win, puppet!IMG_1857

Dead Face.IMG_1715-0

Alright, you’re dancing with your friends and a man you very much dislike tries to dance with you. Show him you’re not having it!

IMG_1706-0Make absolute certain no one sees your eyeballs, dear.


Prison Pose.

(My friend said this one is makes her think of senior pictures. That makes me sad for seniors.)

Ok, guys, so what do you think?  You wanna see the  good slightly less horrific ones? 

P.S. I’m dying to see your failed shots…I know you have some! Post em in the comments, my dears!

4 thoughts on “Photo Oh No

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  3. Loved this post! It cracked me up because I have the same problem. So far, I only have one go to pose because I just look awkward if I try something else! But your new pics are fabulous!

    • I know! It’s so hard to branch out. So many of the poses and facial expressions that look awesome on other girls just look awful on me. I keep doing this face where I just look really confused, lol.

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