Who Loves Pants? This Girl!


IMG_1805It’s become a running joke in my house that the only things I wear are jeans and sneakers, but the only things I buy are dresses and stilettos. That rings especially true in winter. I have a ton of cute fall outfits pinned on Pinterest, and almost all of them make me freeze to look at. Seriously. I’m ALWAYS cold. So while I would love to make a winter outfit with a cute burgundy skater skirt and funky tights, (I’m really digging the ones in the pic below right now:)  I’m leaning on my old stand-by. PANTS!

And who doesn’t love a good trouser, slack, or jean? Nobody, that’s who! I haven’t made a trouser pattern since fashion design school, and back then, I fit the measurements of the dress form we used. I found my figure has changed since then, so I had to do a pattern block from scratch. (It’s not as easy measuring yourself as it is a dress form or someone else, I’ll tell ya that much!) This picture is of me measuring my hips and finding out that I finally have some! Say it with me…YAY! I’m a 38 instead of a 36 inch hip now, which is proof that I do have a butt now. Sort of. Of course, the down side to that is the inevitable tummy issue. (Can I call it inevitable if it could be prevented by exercise, but I just don’t do it?)



Now, unless you’re a total pattern nerd like me, the pictures above and below won’t excite you. If, however, you geek out a little over the pastime, you’ll share my butterfly-y glee. I had planned to be a patternmaker after school and work up from there. I strongly believe designers need a real sense of how clothing fits together. But long story short, life had other plans and now I’m making pants out of my living room. That may not sound very thrilling, but it is to me.




I got so far as to cut out the muslin for the test fit. Nothing in the patternmaking world comes off without a hitch straightaway, so I know I’ll have to do some changes to this pattern block in order to use it for real patterns. But palazzo pants, 70s style trousers, and slim line tuxedo pants here I come! It won’t take long to sew the muslin together, so I should be posting my progress soon.  In the meantime, let’s all tip our slouchy hats to Miss Marlene Dietrich, my absolute fashion fave for making men’s slacks Oh So Cool for women!

See, I’m pretty casual. It’s no makeup Monday for me pretty much week-round. I sometimes wear makeup. I occasionally do my hair. I wear dresses on every full blue moon that falls on the 13th of May. If you see me wearing makeup…with my hair done…in a dress, I think an angel is actually getting his wings. Or something like that.

IMG_1798The moral of the story?

Pants are pretty spectacular! Although, I think that’s pretty much the moral of every story. I may be biased. The End


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