The Power of Play


 Shenanigans. Antics. Capers. Escapades. Frolicsomeness? (Yes, it’s a word, according to I think they have terrible judgement.)

The-very verbose- point is that creatives LOVE TO PLAY! That’s how creations get, well, created. The point of this post is to inspire you to go and freely be yourself. Express your playfulness in what you are making and wearing. Come on, you’re reading this blog, so I know you’re quirky!

   These are a few candid pictures of my creative process. It’s a very trial and error thing. (Heavy on the error, usually, which I actually like. My favorite designs are ones I stumble onto by mistake. Admitedly, however, it takes some time to see the mistake as beautiful. I traditionally have to put the piece away for a few days-after running out of expletives- and when I come back to it with fresh, no longer frustrated eyes, I can then see if it was one of those happy accidents or if I just have to grab the ol’ seam ripper.)


My”Brainstormies” while waiting at the doctor’s office with my husband.

(That’s his leg, if you’re wondering)IMG_1563.JPG


Brainstormy Close-up. DARE TO DREAMIMG_1564.JPG


I have barely even gotten the first two stitches in crochet down. But that’s all I need to know to begin to break the rules and play around with it in non-traditional ways.

(I think this regular yarn crocheted with the jumbo hook would be so cute as a little flutter sleeve.)IMG_1551.JPG



And it took me no time at all to begin to play with this scarf and wonder what clothing would be like out of this chunky yarn.


Now, I really want to hear some creative tips from you guys! What fun, quirky things do you do for inspiration?

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