The Problem With Ready To Wear


I bought an adorable jumpsuit for my daughter for school this year, and being the tomboy that she is, we only just got it out of the closet. I Love the design of the garment-don’t get me wrong. But I was just holding it up-to admire it, actually, and I was very much annoyed to see the sloppiest mess of threads right on the bodice…at the neckline and on the front of the fabric, no less! I can tell how it happened. They were sewing it face down and the bobbin thread came loose from the thread guide and they got that huge jumble of threads there. If you’ve sewn much at all, you’ve probably done that before. It’s super annoying! I can tell my machine is doing it when I hear that ominous clunking sound. I hate that sound. It’s the sound of a whole lot of seam ripping ahead. Anyway, the person making this garment was obviously told to go on without restitching it. Time is money, or whatever. But what happened to at least a semblance of quality? You would think they’d be told to undo at least the most noticeable mistakes. But they’re not. Because we don’t pay attention to the clothes we’re buying any more. We only pay attention to the price tag. I’m as guilty as the next guy, obviously, but when I notice some really bad quality control issues, I can just re-sew it or fix the problem. A lot of people can’t. What do they do when they’ve trusted a retailer to provide a decent quality product but actually bring home shoddy work? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my rant for the day.




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