My Very First Granny Squares



 My latest obsession? Crochet.


   I’ve always loved the idea of learning how, but I also knew how time consuming it would be. I assumed it would take forever to learn, but I was happily surprised to find out just how easy it is. (Easy, that is, after two days of doing it completely wrong before breaking down and watching a YouTube video on it.)
   To show anyone who’s interested in learning but intimidated by getting started, here’s a little bit about how I finally made my way into the wacky world of crochet.
My initial investment was about $16. That bought a “Learn How To Crochet” kit and two skeins of yarn from my local Walmart. The kit came with several crochet hooks, some plastic needles to hide loose yarns, some rings I haven’t experimented with yet, a book with each basic stitch and several projects, and a DVD. It was a super value, as far as I’m concerned! I had decided to work my way up through the different stitches using the diagrams first before watching the videos. I assumed I’d learn quickest by figuring it out by myself. My opinion on that one has been swayed! I misinterpreted a diagram for the single crochet stitch and was leaving out one of the-very, very- important steps. YouTube did save me, and with the help of that website and Pinterest, I’ve been blissfully crocheting away. And I must say, it seems to be just what the doctor ordered to get me through football season!


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