DIY Infinity Scarf

photo 1


    Infinity scarves. I loved them. But I didn’t have one yet. So when I realized I had majorly over-purchased  this cute bow print fabric for a dress I was making, I got right to work looking for tutorials! There are zillions of tutorials out there on how to make one, so I’m just posting the pictures. I serged my seam with white thread since I didn’t have navy and it was already threaded with white. Black would have been less visible, but it really isn’t noticeable under the dark fabric.

photo 3

I like the idea of tying one side so it doesn’t slide and choke me. I only had a short length of this creme colored ribbon, but would like to buy some taupe fabric and make a longer tie for it so I can make it into a bow. (Yes, more bows. I love them. I would drown in cute little bows every day if I could. One simply can’t have enough of them!)

photo 2

The moral of the story?

    When buying fabric, always get a little extra. You may need it for your project. And if not, you can still put it to use.

    Also, bows make the world go round. Let’s remember that, people!photo 4

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