Craftsy Pants Class Blog# 1

  I’ve been enrolled in the Craftsy pants fitting and sewing classes for ages now. I’ve watched a couple of the lessons, but I have yet to actually begin. (I’ll start tomorrow is a flawed ideology… who knew?) I LOVE Craftsy! For those of you who don’t know, it’s a website with a ton of classes for all kinds of creative subjects. Sewing, knitting, cake decorating, and the list is ever-expanding. I think they have free mini classes in each category. They have some free sewing classes, which are pretty cool- beginner or not. That’s where my zipper pouch design on my previous post came from. They have regular sales that highlight up to half off their classes. I’m a sucker for a sale, and sometimes my creative eyes are bigger than my belly, that is, my follow-through. I know you’re with me, fellow Pinteresters! How many boards do you have with titles like “Make Someday” or “Stuff to Sew” with gazillions of pictures, ideas, and plans?

Creative people know what comes along with creativity: the desire and impulse to make EVERYTHING! For every design or idea we have time to actually make, there are probably hundreds of designs and ideas we don’t get to. Creatives tend to bounce around a lot from project to project. Let’s face it, we love a good tangent! And for good reason. Ideas spark our creativity and the more we surround ourselves with images of things we’re passionate about making, the more our brain comes up with new ideas. Great. Awesome! It’s wonderful when the creative juices flow. It’s not wonderful learning how to channel that mass of ideas into finished projects. If you don’t agree, I challenge you to walk into a large fabric store with the intention of landing on just one project without diverting to fabrics and patterns you think would be great in some other project or idea you have! Betcha can’t!!

Now, off of that tangent, and back on course. The Craftsy class. I’ve found sometimes it’s first step that’s the hardest. (Until I get to the finishing details. I’m often not so fond of those, either. ) I really hate measuring for and altering store bought patterns. I would honestly rather make a pattern completely from scratch than alter one someone else has made. I’ve been trying to determine why that is and I think it’s because I was never trained to sew from pre-made patterns. As a designer, I was trained to envision an idea, come up with a pattern, and fit it on the model to test it. It’s really a lot  more work, but I prefer it because it’s what I’m used to. You know, fear of the unknown and all that.

I’ve always wished I could have had the sewing classes that were offered mid-century! I’m so jealous of people who got to be well-trained in school to sew and then if they loved it, they could explore it further on their own…with a fairly complete skill set already under their belt. People in my generation got little to nothing as far as training in school goes. I’ll never forget how excited I was when I signed up for an advanced sewing and design class in 9th grade! All we did in home ec before that was a pillow. Snore. The syllabus for the class I signed up for was just dreamy- I couldn’t WAIT to learn all that was going to be offered. Then I was called to the guidance counselor’s office for the a huge let-down: I was the ONLY one who signed up. They had to drop the class. Now, I understand that sewing is no longer main-stream. It’s more economically feasible to buy ready to wear than to make your own. I’m not mad at schools for not spending money to teach what they consider a dying art. It’s just that in order for it not to die, our generation has to kind of take it to the streets. We have to learn somewhere. If you’re lucky, you have a relative who is a good seamstress and teacher. If not, you’re pretty much out in the cold if you want to learn how to sew. You’d be pretty hard pressed to find a class nearby if you live in a small town, and not everyone can commute an hour to a class in the city. That’s where Craftsy comes in. What a great idea! Online sewing classes to cover a huge variety of topics. I feel like there’s just so much I can learn from them.

But actually doing the class is another thing. It’s different than going to a physical class where you meet every week and have a teacher to guide you and hold you accountable to a deadline. And there are so many classes, it’s hard to choose just one. And when you do, you may decide it’s easier to just make the garment on your own than to follow that particular teacher’s method of sewing it. But if I’m really honest about it, what bothers me is that once I start a class and get to the point that I’m actually making something, I normally go off-course and just finish it on my own out of impatience. Or my half-made project isn’t satisfactory so I stop there. (I still have to go back and finish my Bombshell Dress course.)

But no more of that! I’ve decided to go ahead and blog about this class as I do it. So either I see it through or come out looking like a…donkey… in front of everyone on the internet. (Or my little handful of followers.) It’s gonna be wonderful! I’ll start tomorrow! KIDDING!

Here’s the deal: It’s gonna take two classes to make these pants. One class is all about fitting techniques and the second is how to sew.  I will try to write something on each class as I go, and I really hope this inspires all of you to find and use a forum of your choice to improve your skills! Let’s NOT let this become a lost art!

Moral of This Story? If you Love it, Learn it!    If it comes back to you, that’s how you know… wait, that’s not right. 🙂


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