Upcycled Girls’ Skirt Tutorial

whole skirt
Who has two thumbs and loves to upcycle? This Girl!!

This skirt started out as a pillow case and a t-shirt that my daughters had outgrown. The width of the pillowcase was just big enough to make a dirndl skirt in a girls size 6/7. It was super easy to do and for decoration, I made a flower out of the T-shirt and a petal out of quilting scraps. The most time consuming part was sewing the flower on, but it was worth it!

Step 1:

Sew side seams and serge or use a french seam. (I prefer the latter.)

french seam

Step 2

Hem the skirt. (I love to use my Dritz EZY-HEM tool.)

Step 3

Make the elastic casing at the waist by turning under 1/4″ and again another 3/4″. Sew very near the fold, leaving a couple inches to insert the elastic.

Step 4

Measure the waist and cut 1/2″ elastic to that measurement plus an extra inch for seam allowance. Using a safety pin on the end of the elastic, insert through the casing you just sewed. Once it is all the way through, sew the elastic ends together. I like to sew in a box or an X for extra strength. Whatever method you use, just sew the heck out of it so it doesn’t come apart on you. Top-stitch the waist to close up the hole you left for the elastic.

Step 5

Cut one long strip of a knit fabric. Establish the placement of the flower and sew one end of the knit onto that point. Twist the knit fabric like a rope and wrap it in a spiral around itself as you sew it to the skirt.

Just flower

Step 6
Cut 2 leaf shapes out of green fabric and sew the curved edges together. (Right sides together, of course.) Turn the leaf out and iron. Tuck the unfinished side under the flower and stitch onto the skirt.

Flower and leaf

That’s it. You’re done!

Skirt 2

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