La LaL’Oops


My daughter’s Loopsy was a victim of circumstance- and a puppy feast. I had already sewn on new buttons and stitched image

imageimageimageeyelashes when we caught the dog at it again. (That’s the story of how she lost her left eye twice.) she has been sitting in my sewing room, getting increasingly surrounded by clutter. My daughter asks for her each time she sees her. It’s always bath time or homework time or bedtime, so I tell her I’ll do it “soon.” Today I set out to organize my sewing room and she was the one project in my heaped-up mending pile that I couldn’t ignore any longer. How long did this repair that I’d been putting off for weeks-maybe months- take me? No longer than three minutes, including picture taking. I think we people who sew have so many projects, repairs, and ideas lined up in our minds that sometimes we lump it all together and avoid picking- and sticking to- a single project. Then, once we do, we wonder why we ever put it off for so long. Ok, so this was a single button, but the concept applies. And my little girl will know that hers was the first project on my summer list. That’s what sewing is all about to me- beauty and love. There’s nothing more beautiful than being able to give back to someone who loves so wholeheartedly!

The moral of the story? Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can finish today, or in realistic terms, grab that project you’ve had lying on your desk for a year and sew!!