Crib Set Extravaganza

inside crib 2

It was a full-on crib bumper sewing (and/or throwing) karnival at my house last month! 

Ever toil through some project that you know (with a vague, naiave hope) you can complete, but fall upon more disasters than successes? Yes, breathe and grab your seam ripper and all that, (Do they really expect us to seam rip with such zen?) but there’s always that feeling of “What the, um, expletive, am I going to do if I can’t figure this out in time?” That feeling is compounded when what you have to seam rip is 400 miles long like the bumper I made for my friend’s baby! Okay, I exagerate, but the panic was real.

The concept is simple: cover pre-made foam bumper forms with fabric, bias tape along the edge, voila! Theoretically. I won’t go into all my woes (like the dilema to choose whether to sew the top seam before applying the bias tape for easier sewing…I chose to wing it. . . I’m not surprised, either.)

Suffice it to say, make sure you don’t sew down the entire length of fabric before you change your mind on methods, thus adding a new chapter to your novella of the love/hate relationship you have with your seam ripper. That’s just stupid. I know. Just don’t tell me to my face.

After the whole thing was made and I took an emotional step back, however, I was pleased with the result. Although, as I told my friend, if she ever needs one for another baby, that one will be really good. : ) I threw in a couple bibs and a burp cloth for good measure. They are pretty easy to sew, but that teensy bias tape had me a little fired up.

The moral of the story is this: Bias tape makes me dramatic and husbands are good seam-ripping recruits.

bibs pics- web size



bumper 2


inside crib 1

inside crib 2

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