The Quickest Little Monster Doll Quilt



I’m very new to quilting and I have no patience…Enter the doll Quilt! I was working on two of them for my twin daughters on a day when their cousin was visiting. Although she doesn’t play with dolls or carry a blanket, she looked very interested and it pulled on the ole heart strings.  I dug through my stash and came across this charm pack my friend gave me. It’s Googlies by Bernatex- adorable, no? I stuck with squares, powered through the sewing and quilting (a very mediocre stippling stitch, I’ll admit,) machine stitched the binding (can I say it’s wonky on purpose?) and appliquéd the black polka dot heart. (That’s definitely my favorite part!)  Oh, and thanks to pinterest, I know how to make a quilt label with just a square of fabric and a squeezy bottle of fabric paint. (It’s supposed to be embroidered, but again, the impatience thing.) I’m told my niece is carrying it everywhere, so I’m glad I sped through it instead of meticulously stitching it…and inevitably forgetting it in my project pile.

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